Connecting Hedaru, Tanzania, and Ames, Iowa


amazon-shop-large                                          Welcome to Tanzania Partners! Tanzania Partners is a ministry of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Ames, Iowa, working on humanitarian projects in the Hedaru Ward of the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania in East Africa.

Along with our partners in Tanzania, the Hedaru Lutheran Parish, we work together to share our culture, our faith, and a long-standing friendship.  We have learned that together, we can do amazing things to improve the lives of the people in Hedaru.  In 2010 we finished a four-year water project that brought water to 22,000 people, and are currently working with Empower Tanzania, Inc to wrap up a 3-year Nanny Goat project that teaches integrated farming techniques and has dramatically raised the income of local farmers.

Goat Milk?


The Tanzanian Ministry Team is currently working on a Heifer Goat Farming Project with the people of Hedaru Lutheran Church.  This project will bring much needed milk, cheese and income to the farmers of Hedaru, and goats are the perfect livestock in our semi-arid climate there!

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